That's right! I am using the old design of my website as an example. I always loved it. It uses jQuery and some custom drawn graphics to create a video game interface to display my portfolio of work.

It does use a fixed screen size, opens with a loading screen and doesn't implement touch events which are no-nos in today's world of mobile-first web experiences. But if you have a little patience and a decent screen size and a keyboard, I think it is pretty amazing.

I simply wanted to create a video game experience. I used jQuery and javascript. I ended up unwittingly creating a sophisticated javascript web application. You move the rabbit left and right with arrow keys. When you are over a rabbit hole representing part of my portfolio you use the down arrow to descend.

Upon descending you are presented with a list of work that you can navigate through using the left and right arrows. When you click on any of the examples a pop-up interface shows a larger image. The entire time the application keeps score.

Unfortunately, I was a little bit of a tease. While the application asks you to help find the rabbit's missing foot that part of the game was never implemented. I never got around to that. Sorry! The site was more or less an experiment in how far I could push jQuery.

Web Examples

The Web examples part of the site.

Single web example

What it looks like when an example is clicked upon.

Rabbits sprite file

An screenshot of the sprite file that animates a series custom drawn rabbit graphics