For the past year I've been immersed in a project where I have been using Angular as a front-end framework that uses a REST API built with Grails for the back-end. I've been tinkering with React. I have been learning just how versatile and fun javascript can be (Node certainly has been a game changer). Closures, scopes and promises, oh my!

I'll have to upload examples for the current project that I have been working on once it is released. I'll also have to push my proof of concept of a speech-operated contact form built with React and the Chrome Speech-To-Text API to my Github account. The portfolio below represents work that I have done in the past. Before this year I primarily created web sites and services with PHP, MySQL and Javascript...your basic LAMP stack.

I also love Java. I started working with Java when I went back to school to get a bachelor in Computer Science. I immediately dove in and built a couple of mobile apps and fell in love the Android platform.

In the future I want to play with the IoT (Internet of Things), big data and artificial intelligence.

True Image Homepage

True Image is a video production company in Odessa, Texas. Since they are a video production company it was critical that they had a video content management system. Since I had just started doing the programming part of my websites at that point building a content management system that allowed a user to upload video content that was formatted for the website was a challenge.

Odessa Jobs Homepage

There is a very strong rivalry between the sister cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas. So when the city of Midland built a custom jobs site in 2004, the city of Odessa had to build one too. This was the first project that I actually built a custom web application. The site has been through a few iterations since then.

Permian Enterprises homepage

Permian Enterprises wanted a unique graphic feature to make their website stand out. I created an unusual navigation menu using the :target pseudo-selector.

Bearing Supply homepage

Bearing Supply Company wanted a custom animated banner on their homepage. This presents a unique challenge for web designers in the post-Flash era of web design.

City Pipe Locations Page

City Pipe is one of the largest local suppliers of pipe in the Permian Basin. They needed to update their website with a modern design to match the strength of their brand. I created a design in Illustrator and Photoshop. I also worked with a development team to build the site.

Terrorism Data Tool icon

Terrorism Data Tool

This is a RESTful mobile application. It retrieves information from a J2EE service in the form of JSON string. The application uses AChartEngine libraries to render graphs of the data. The data comes from which provides an open source terror database. The organization that operates the website is the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism which is a center for excellence of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security based at the University of Maryland. The database is apparently the most comprehensive database of terrorist attacks.

Old Thought Assassin homepage

That's right! I am using the old design of my website as an example. I always loved it. It uses jQuery and some custom drawn graphics to create a video game interface to display my portfolio of work.