I started drawing and coloring when I was a kid. As a teenager I would spend hours making comic strips as an escape from the trials of teenage life. I started taking art classes in high school and ended up majoring in art when I went to college.

As I started making art in college I found that the artwork that I was making was influenced by punk rock flyers, rock-n-roll art, comic books, horror movies and other lurid popular culture. My work was also influenced by my political outlook. The result was an expressionist/surrealist style with provocative subject matter.

When I went to graduate school at University of Chicago I studied a lot of cultural theory and in particular Post-Modernism. I began to use imagery from popular culture as a way to deconstruct the unexpected meanings and the political overtones of the images.

Below are examples of some of my art.


Pop Surrealism

From 1996-2004 I worked with found imagery. I would use advertisements and illustrations from commercial sources and make paintings from them. I would group the images in unexpected ways as a means of d├ętournement.

The Morphology of Fate #3

The Morphology of Fate

From 2005-2010 I worked on a series of three large paintings of cicada shells. I was fascinated by their simultaneous presence and absence. The issues of the body and the other from Jean Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness was weighing heavily upon my thought process during this time.

The E.T. Rapture

Low Brow

From the time I started making art punk rock flyers, rock and roll art, comic books and popular culture have always been influential. After discovering the work of Robert Williams and the movement he started, Low Brow art, I have grouped this style of my work into this genre.