David Krause | Thought Assassin


My name is David Krause. If you are interested to find out anything about me that isn't covered on my website please use my contact page.

From reading the homepage you already know that I am an artist, a designer and a web developer. I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington D.C. area). Growing up I lived in Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. I graduated from high school at Chantilly High School in Chantilly, Virginia. Currently, I'm loving living in Austin, Texas!

I have an MFA from University of Chicago. I also have a Computer Science degree from UTPB. I've worked as a graphic designer. I've been a web designer and developer for years. Currently, I am working as a UX Designer for Texas NIC.

I'm a big fan of punk rock music. I also love art. I like reading about physics. In particular I like to read about parallel universes and quantum theory. Basically, I like learning about how bizarre reality is at its most fundamental levels. I am currently reading The Evolution of Physics.